Secondary vascular tissues like secondary xylem and secondary phloem are not formed at the interfascicular region. Each circle consists of about five bundles. It is few layered, collenchymatous, that is not in a continuous band and interrupted by patches of parenchyma. It consists of collenchyma, chlorenchyma and parenchyma cells. It is arranged in two rings.
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Internal Structure of Stem (With Diagram)

The fibers eventually develop lignified secondary walls. The transverse section through the internode of stem is more or less circular with wavy outline. Numerous discrete vascular bundles are present scattered in the central ground tissue thus forming atactostele. Xylem occurs towards the centre and is endarch, i. There are a large number of terms which are used to describe different zones in these meristems.
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Internal Structure of Stem (With Diagram)

They are collateral and open, phloem being situated on the peripheral side. The transverse section of stem is more or less square in outline and reveals the following tissue organization from periphery towards the centre Figs. In angiosperms, they are collateral, being open in dicots and closed in monocots. The dicot nature of the stem is revealed due to the presence of pith in the stele, arrangement of vascular bundles in rings, bicollateral and open vascular bundles. Cut thick serial sections through a node.
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The transverse section through the internodes of stem is more or less circular and reveals the following internal tissue organization from periphery towards the centre Figs. The other bundles are large, fewer in number and widely spaced. It is made up of barrel shaped cells. After division newly formed cells expand E , what contributes to the growth. A complete section Fig. Next to phellogen there lies the phelloderm. Chlorenchyma at hypodermis is photosynthetic tissue.
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